MATH 500

Course Overview

MATH 500 is a training course for first time teaching assistants for Mathematics classes. Here you will find the course syllabus as well as any assignments that are due throughout the quarter. You may find the syllabus for the course here.

You may also find links to presentation slides of past meetings by clicking on the corresponding Theme cell for that meeting.

Fall 2019:   Thursdays, 1pm-1:50pm in APM B402A

Name Title Email Office
Jeff Rabin Instructor APM 6220
Eric Lybrand Senior TA APM 2210
Jacqueline Warren Senior TA APM 2202
Daniël Kroes Junior TA APM 2220
Samir Canning Junior TA APM 5760

Weekly Schedule

Date Theme Background Homework
September 26 Getting Started, pt. 1 -List of Responsibilities
-Week 0 and Week 1 Handout
-Essential TA Info Handout
-Before the Quarter Starts
-Your First Section
October 3 Getting Started, pt. 2 -Writing a Teaching Statement
-Example Teaching Statement
Enroll in Gradescope. Write a teaching statement. Due October 11th on Gradescope.
October 10 Academic Integrity    
October 17 Midterms -Gradescope Help
-Academic Integrity Handout
Read the comments we give you from observing you on Gradescope as they are made available.
October 24 Grading, Academic Integrity cont. -Experienced TAs
-Observaiton Form (pdf)
-Observation Form (LaTeX)
Observe an experienced TA and fill out observation form. Submit to Gradescope no later than Nov. 8th.
October 31 Guest Lecture + Language   Ask your discussion section to fill out a midterm evaluation Google form. Submit summary results as PDF on Gradescope by November 15th.
November 7 Student Panel    
November 14 Ideas from Math Ed Research    
November 21 Guest Lecture   Rewrite teaching statement. Due on Gradescope by December 6th.
November 28 NO CLASS! Happy Thanksgiving!    
December 5 Final Exams