Robots & Calculus

5 minute read

In 2017, I built a robot arm from the InMoov project for my multivariable calculus students. This class starts with vectors and ends with differential forms,...

Brain Waves

8 minute read

I was invited to work with Brad Voytek’s lab in the Cognitive Science department during the summer of 2020. Voytek Lab consists of 16 lab members ranging fro...

An Overview of Blind Deconvolution

11 minute read

Motivation I remember as a first year student at UGA I was enrolled in a multivariable mathematics class. At the time that class was impossibly difficult for...

Indoor Localization with Wireless Networks

14 minute read

During the summer of 2018, I had the opportunity to work for the telecommunications corporation NEC in Sendai, Japan on a project that focused on indoor loca...

Do Neural Networks Learn Shearlets?

9 minute read

In the spring quarter of 2017, the signal processing group at UCSD decided to base our quarterly seminar on recent advancements in deep learning. Applied har...

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